Intranet Applications

The advantages of developing applications for the intranet are numerous, and include the following:

  • No specialized software requirements - end users make use of your application through a web browser.
  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • Server centralized - changes to an application can be done in one place, and changes are instantaneously functional to users.
  • Availability of application summary reports - accessible to all authorized users; relieves staff of providing reports on request.

We offer components and services that assist you in developing your own intranet applications or migrating existing applications to your intranet. The advantages of working with us on your intranet application development include the following:

  • Our DSS Page Generation component simplifies complex web page design, allowing the developer to create complex pages that present application data, tables, and reports. It utilizes a backend database containing pre-formed HTML, used to format web pages. The application exists as a table of SQL statements, specially formatted to allow the component to format fields as text boxes, scrolling boxes, drop-down lists, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Three-tier application architecture gives your applications the scalability to expand as the demand for your applications grows. See diagram below.
  • Non-HTML object creation, such as our Report object, allows the developer to present a Report object that includes full grouping and aggregate function (totals, etc.) capabilities.
  • We offer Purchasing, Inventory, Time and Attendance, Workscope Management, Asset Management, and other modules, pre-formatted and ready to use. We can provide these modules completely prepackaged and ready to use, or customized to your preferences.
  • You have the option of using your backend database with your own data model or a fusion of ours and yours.
  • It is possible to operate your web applications off-site without a network connection with our DSS PageServer component, which works specifically with our PageGen component, allowing users to run your web application stand-alone, if necessary.