Outsourcing Outsourcing makes sense

Today, IT outsourcing is a strategic management option that allows companies to cut costs and remain focused on core competencies, while reducing time-to-market product deployment. Outsourcing's emerging power as a business tool of unique versatility and flexibility is growing as well.

The outsourcing model is already being leveraged by many Fortune 500 companies, including GE, Lucent, Oracle, Microsoft, and Motorola, among many others.

A cost-effective alternative to outsourcing beyond U.S. borders

While the offshore outsourcing model can bring substantial cost savings, there’s a downside to exporting critical business processes outside the U.S. In-country political stability, compatible business laws, cultural implications, travel times, and experience all should be considered before placing a project with a foreign company.

So what alternative do you have in outsourcing your IT system development projects? Consider employing the services of a local company, like ours: Delaney Software Services, Inc. Our outsourcing center in Escanaba, located in Michigan’s upper peninsula, offers a low cost, low-risk option. You’ll have access to talented developers, better coordination, and faster communication than you would encounter in dealing with a company located in a foreign country. We give you the right combination of people, processes, and technology to operate effectively in the global marketplace. Our hands-on consulting and technical system design and implementation make us uniquely suited to successfully drive client initiatives of virtually any scope or level of complexity, and deliver bottom-line results to you, fast.

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