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We offer components, modules, and services to assist you in your intranet application development. In addition, we offer consulting services on all our products, and development expertise with the following products:

  • Visual Studio .NET development
  • Cold Fusion Web Application development
  • ASP Web application development
  • MySQL, PERL, and PHP application development
  • iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile development
  • Multi-tier application development
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management
  • Microsoft Access and Office Products
Introducing: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Development

For many consumers and employees, the use of a PC as a primary computing device is a thing of the past; opting to mobilize your business will deliver many benefits to your company and your customers. Here's how mobility can transform the way you do business:

  • Enable work from any location - with direct access to company networks from a remote location, your workforce has the ability to access files and services from anywhere, with an application developed to meet your company's needs.
  • Improve employee productivity - real-time data entry and communication through the use of a mobile application changes the way your employees network and communicate.
  • Encourage consumer loyalty - if your company deals with a large consumer base, the use of your company's mobile application by your consumer base can provide you with a great method of data collection, as well as empower your users with account management and problem reporting from anywhere, at any time.

By building native mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, we fully utilize each platform's functionality. We believe that customization through native application development creates the best possible mobile experience.

Contact us to see how we can help your company gain mobile presence.

  • DSS Page Generation Component
    Installed on your web server, this component combines our HTML scripting technology with Microsoft's Active Server Page technology to create the ultimate dynamic web applications. This component allows the developer to create complex web pages quickly. Web page details are stored in the DSS database, consisting of tables of web page properties and elements, as well as SQL statements that this component executes to retrieve data from your database server.
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  • DSS Application Generation application
    This remarkable application takes your relational database and, after a few simple steps, creates a complete prototype web application; if a true relational database is not available, we can take the database(s) you have and convert them. The resulting application takes the form of records in the DSS Page Generation database. This entire prototype development cycle can be completed in less than a day, though the database conversion time may vary.

  • DSS Graph Generation Component
    With this component combined with the DSS Page Generation component, you can add sophisticated graphs to your web pages. Graphs can be added dynamically, simply by adding SQL statements in your database.
    See this example for more information.


Our modules consist of the master data tables (Tier 1) as well as the DSS Page Generation table records (Tier 2) required to display the data as web pages; they are ready to use or can be customized to include your specific application requirements. The pre-developed modules we offer include:

The development of a web-based solution that meets your specific requirements will require a detailed review of your needs, with subsequent design and development work. We advocate a revolutionary approach to this work, which we call Ultra-RAD, or Ultra-Rapid Application Development. With this approach, we can minimize the time and cost of your system development requirements.